5 Ways You Are Wasting Money on
Operations & Maintenance
5 Ways You Are Wasting Money on
Operations & Maintenance
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Our focus is your BOTTOM LINE!

There are multiple things that will take away from your bottom line instead of adding to it.

Multiple factors are going unchecked in your fuel, including lower BTUs due to increased percentage of ethanol in fuel, as well as poor fuel quality on imported fuel. Impure diesel fuel is causing problems in a number of modern engines. Prices are high and the blends are poor, causing issues both in performance and increased maintenance.
In 2007, sulfur was limited to 15 ppm causing increased maintenance issues due to increased friction and the wearing of engine parts with the lack of lubrication.
Due to the regulations that you now face, as well as more coming in regards to the reduction of particulate matter and NOX, the reduction of emissions will play a vital role in your company.
Fuel separates as it sits over time. This separation process can occur before the fuel even gets to your tank, causing significant maintenance and operations issues in your vehicles.
Engine build up happens as a natural course of business when you are using fuel. But this build up causes issues in the performance of your vehicle if not kept in perfect check.

XFT is a time-tested and patented solution to your business needs. Used for over 20 years on all engine types, it is registered under the EPA to improve fuel efficiency, combat poor fuel quality, decrease maintenance and repairs, enhance horsepower & performance, and reduce emissions.

XFT has been mainly distributed in the industrial markets as a solution to extend the operating hours between service and repairs. In 2008 XFT was released to the public, making it a viable solution for any size operation. Multiple mass-carbon balance tests, independent lab tests, fuel consumption tests, and case studies on various engines have been performed to prove the effectiveness of this product.

Below is an estimated cost saving analysis that illustrates how effective XFT can be for your company.

Cost Savings Analysis:
Monthly Fuel Consumption: 200,000 Gal / 757,000 L
Monthly Fuel Costs (USD $2.54/gal, $.67/L) $508,000.00
Improvement in Fuel Efficiency 11%
Monthly Gross Fuel Savings $55,977.00 USD

Estimated Gross Annual Savings
Based On 2,400,000 Gal (9,085,000 L)
Diesel Fuel consumed: $670,560 USD

All numbers are estimates based upon the averages attained through multiple Mass Carbon Balance tests and should not be considered absolute values.

Fuel savings is only one way XFT saves your company money. What it does for your engines is just as effective! . .